The Lakes at Wooda Lakes

We have five coarse fishing lakes on our 22 acre site in Devon, which are open for fishing all year. Four of the lakes have large level platforms from which to fish, the exception being the specimen carp lake which has been left with room for day shelters. There is parking, benches and bins by all five lakes.

With carp up to 20lbs, Wooda Lakes offer a tranquil setting perfect for a day’s fishing or fishing holidays. Fishing is included for those holidaying on site, while day permits are available for visiting anglers on four of the five lakes. All anglers must be in possession of an EA rod licence, which may be purchased at a Post Office or Buy a fishing licence online

The water is deep in the lakes, so please take care and keep a close eye on children and the infirm.

We have undertaken work to move some fish between lakes and new stock has been added to further enhance the fishing here at Wooda Lakes.

A selection of baits and a small range tackle are now available to purchase at reception.


All anglers must follow our Additional Covid-19 rules.

Lake 1 – Residents Mixed Lake

This lake is closest to the lodges and is open to residents only. This Lake is stocked with Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench and Chub. No fishing in the out of the bounds area – this is due to the proximity of overhead power lines. Pole, waggler and feeder tactics work best. Chub from 6″ to 8″ were stocked in spring 2017.

Lake 2 – The Crucian & Tench Lake

This was originally a stock lake, but is now open to fishing. This lake is being developed into a Crucian carp, Tench and Chub pool. 300+ pure Crucians and a small number of Chub were stocked in spring 2017. A further 110 Tench up to 3lb were stocked in April 2018. Lilies were also planted in April 2018. Pole and waggler tactics work best.

Lake 3 – The Mixed Lake

The mixed lake is just a short walk from the lodges, although there is parking by this lake for those with lots of fishing tackle. It is very sheltered and surrounded by mature trees. The lake itself is picture perfect with lily-pads, rushes and plenty of bankside features. This lake is stocked with Carp (to double figures), Roach (to 1lb), Bream, Tench, Chub and a few specimen Perch. 80lb of Bream up to 3lb were stocked in January 2018.

Lake 4 – Match Carp Lake

The Match Carp lake is towards the bottom of the valley, surrounded by mature trees. This lake has plenty of bankside features and an island. This lake is stocked with match-sized carp, which can be caught on pole, waggler and feeder tactics. There is parking at both ends of the lake. 100 extra carp were added from the speciment lake in autumn 2016 (up to 7lb) and 200 Ide were stocked in spring 2017 to give an extra dimension during the winter months.

Lake 5 – Specimen Carp Lake

The specimen carp lake is at the bottom of the Wooda valley, in a peaceful position surrounded by mature woodland. There is plenty of parking at the near end of this lake for those that don’t fancy the walk down from the lodges. This lake is stocked with plenty of double figure Carp, up to 21lbs. Three rods may be used on this lake, where space allows. Unhooking mats and a minimum of 10lb breaking strain line must be used. Poles are not recommended on this lake.



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Each of our lakes offers a limited number of swims ensuring a tranquil and uncrowded fishing experience
Lake 5 - Specimen lake - holds carp up to 20lbs.
There are also a number of coarse and trout fisheries near to the Wooda Lakes site