Fishing Rules

While using the fishing lakes we ask that you adhere these rules, in order to preserve the fish in the lakes and the beauty of our surroundings. The rules apply to all anglers – no exceptions – and you may be asked to leave if you break the rules. Residents may fish all five lakes. Day permits are currently available on four of the lakes (not the Residents lake).

  1. Drive slowly and quietly through the site. Remember that there may be children playing.
  2. No litter. Please put all rubbish in bins provided.
  3. Barbless hooks only.
  4. No fixed rigs – only safe rigs to be used.
  5. No keep-nets, apart from in official Wooda Lakes organised or approved matches or events.
  6. Unhooking mats are strongly recommended. Fish must be treated with care at all times and gently returned to the water quickly.
  7. All fish caught must be released back to the lake from which it was caught – no moving fish from one lake to another.
  8. Two rods may be fished on Lakes 1 to 4, although you usually only need one!
  9. No radios etc unless used with earphones.
  10. No nuts or cat-food. Boilies and groundbait in moderation.
  11. No barbecues or fires.
  12. Fishing is from dawn to dusk only. No night fishing.
  13. Do not tamper or interfere with the inlet or outlet pipes.
  14. All anglers (where legally required – over the age of 12 years) must have an EA rod licence.

Specimen Carp Lake – Additional Rules

  1. Three rods (maximum) per person on the specimen carp lake, where space allows. Be considerate to other anglers.
  2. Pole fishing is not advisable – we will not accept liability for any broken pole sections.
  3. Unhooking mats or cradles must be used.
  4. No carp sacks to be used.
  5. Minimum 10lb line on specimen carp lake.
  6. No under 16’s on specimen carp lake unless fishing with an adult.
  7. Residents must remove all tackle and equipment from the lake overnight.


  1. Park in designated car parking areas only.
  2. Keep 2 metres away from all other anglers at all times.
  3. Fish at marked pegs only. Closed pegs must not be fished.
  4. Only family members from same house may fish at same peg.
  5. Take all rubbish home/back to your holiday lodge – Do not leave any rubbish by the lakes. There are currently no bins by the lakes. We operate a zero tolerance policy on litter.
  6. Use hand sanitizer before & after using eco-loo.
  7. No sharing tackle between anglers (other than family groups at same peg).
  8. Failure to abide to our rules may result in you being asked to leave immediately.
  9. Where necessary we may require pre-booking of day tickets. Follow our Facebook page for announcements.



Tel: 01409 241934


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Lake 3 - Mixed lake - is stocked with carp, roach, bream and tench.
Lake 4 - Match carp lake - is stocked with carp up to around 7lb.
Lake 5 - Specimen lake - holds carp up to 20lbs.